How to create a win/win pop up experience

3 Jun 2019 08:13 | Kim hoang (Administrator)

We have all seen that amazing pop up that stays with you after it's finished, whether it be food, retail or an activation.

The thing that it all has in common is that it is there to create a unique feeling when you eat, buy or experience it.

But not all pop ups are created equal, this is especially true when you speak to the Marketing or Sales department.

As you see each department is driven by different metrics

The marketing team is driven by CONTENT

The sales team is driven by TRANSACTIONS

Take for example a typical shopping centre campaign where marketing invites social media influencers to promote or speak about a certain topic.

This may be great for the number of people that attend that may or may not shop in the centre.

But there really is not a solid metric you can gauge how successful it was.

Yes, you can see social media figures but again we don’t know if these people actually shopped at the centre.

More importantly, how did this event help the sales department (eg. Leasing managers)

Did this campaign drive more enquiries for casual leasing or vacant shops which would generate more revenue for the business?

Chances are it didn’t.

On the flip side, the leasing team doesn’t really do pop ups for the content either they are only interested in transactions or the revenue they generate.

We all know of the massage chair, cheap toys, kitchenware or charity pop up in the shopping centres that we all try to avoid when walking pass.

These pop ups are purely transactional and don’t provide any exciting content for the marketing team to use.

So here we have two different departments in the same business with two completely different views on what a pop up is.

The Solution?

Well, both sides are going to have to compromise a little and come together to develop mutually beneficial pop up and events that provide marketing content to promote while producing revenue or future leasing opportunities for the leasing team.

Easy right……. We hope so.

So the next time you see Santa in a shopping centre hopefully there is a Christmas market next to it with potential vendors for the leasing managers to generate future revenue opportunities from.

We have seen so many businesses spend thousands of dollars to do pop ups and activations and all they have to show for it are a handful of social media posts.

I am sure if you threw thousands of dollars into the streets with your logo on it, you would probably get a better social media return.

It doesn’t matter if you are in Customer Relations, Human Resources, Marketing, Leasing, Sales, Concierge or an owner of a business.

You need to think and create a pop up or experience that benefits the whole business and not just one part.

A true Win/Win for everyone.

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